The Vision

The #bookdirect Symposium was created to help small/medium businesses in the travel industry.

The way we buy travel has changed. Massive tech companies now control most of the third party brands that we use to book hotels, tours and activities.

We need to fight to keep small business thriving. Fortunately, we are on the cusp of a booking revolution. Some forward thinking governments have made price and availability parity contracts illegal. More and more will follow. This is good for the consumer, and good for small business.

The #bookdirect Symposium has the following aims:
-To teach travel businesses to embrace price and availability DISparity
-To teach travel businesses the value of partnerships, symposiums and group synergies that give them access to better marketing resources, and a bigger voice
-To get people to shop around and #bookdirect more often

Let’s look to a future where small business not only survives, but thrives.

It’s time to partner together, use our collaborative energy and take big and bold steps. Together we can lead this change to revolutionise our great industry.

See you in Athens.