PRICE, Present and Future

19 Feb 2020
Arion Hotel, Athens

PRICE, Present and Future

The laws of economics are constant. 

Understanding them is a necessity. 

Having a sound pricing strategy is a given.

You set your own price, right? Do you dial it up or down to find the sweet spot? Or is this a fantasy? Is your price dictated by your suppliers, competitors or customers?

OTAs, re-sellers and their commission rates are having a knock-on effect on retail prices. Price parity and ‘BAR’ (best available rate) clauses play in favour of the OTA, and it’s usually the customer who pays and the supplier who gets squeezed. 

What we are seeing around the world is that governments are starting to intervene. In some countries, BAR contracts are now outlawed. 

Will we see a future where price parity is the exception, and not the norm? If so, how do we create a pricing strategy that exploits this change to our greatest advantage?

In this session, we will research the latest industry developments and future predictions. We will dive deep into the role that governments are playing in correcting imbalances of power, and how they are going about that. You’ll get information about pricing strategy, active and tailored pricing, and some pricing ‘hacks’ that you can take back to your own business.

NOTE: As different speakers are confirmed, details of the sessions may change.