Partnerships and Loyalty

19 Feb 2020
Arion Hotel, Athens

Partnerships and Loyalty

Loyalty programs are big business, and the trend is growing.

We case study the Hilton Honours program. It has 94 million members and has doubled in size in the last six years. It’s boosting direct booking revenue for Hilton hotels, and we can learn lessons from that.

There is also growth in network partnerships for resource sharing and cross promotion.

Contributors will include Cathrin Eszbach from, who will be joining us and giving us some interesting insight from from the hostel market, and Terry Morrell from Breaks in Wales talking about his new initiative, the book directly club.

We’ll also look at some of the specifics of the Cycle Cities network of bike tour operators, and it’s use of strength in numbers to forge new relationships and create powerful synergies that transcend territories and give global influence to local tour operators.

By bringing together different tourism industry partnership initiatives, and the people behind them,  we will help to ‘network the networks’ and send us all further ahead together in the right direction.