Keynote Speech

BIG lessons for SMALL business
image of Steve Kopandy
19 Feb 2020
Arion Hotel, Athens

Keynote Speech

There are many lessons that small businesses can learn from big businesses. The same laws of economics apply. Let’s case study the biggest players in travel and look at which ones are thriving, which ones are surviving, which ones are dying, and why. Let’s see what lessons the most successful companies can teach us about business strategy.

Two behemoths (Expedia and Booking Holdings) now control most of the third party brands that consumers use to book their travel.  Now Google is playing god in the travel industry, and these brands are being squeezed from both ends. They rely heavily on their suppliers. They can’t control the cost of Google ads exposure, which (to varying extents) supplies them with an audience, whilst they are also (to varying extents) losing their grip on the smaller businesses that provide them products and services to re-sell. 

Weather you’re big or small, the fundamentals are the same. You need to know your customer, offer something special, have a strong and identifiable brand, and exert influence in your marketplace. You can rely on these principles to remain consistent throughout time. You can learn from your big brothers and sisters, and you can learn from each other.

In this groundbreaking presentation, Steve Kopandy will;

  • Profile the most successful travel businesses of 2020, and look at how they positioned themselves in the past, to achieve today’s successes
  • Show the latest industry developments and make informed future predictions, in a rapidly changing tech environment.
  • Give hope and vision to the smaller companies who are working hard on the ground to deliver great travel products and experiences, but feeling like they can’t control their sales channels.

The right kinds of investments can never be undermined by OTAs and big tech in the long term. Small business is here to stay.