Headline Presentation – Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson public speaker
19 Feb 2020
Arion Hotel, Athens

Headline Presentation – Mark Simpson

The internet marketing landscape changes constantly and rapidly. The only way you can expect to stay up to date with the latest, is to immerse yourself in it, live and breathe it and work on it every day.


Come and hear Mark Simpson from boostly.co.uk, our headline speaker.

Mark is one of the most active people in the #bookdirect movement that social media has ever seen. His large following is engaged, enthralled and enabled to build better hospitality businesses. He is helping businesses worldwide bring millions of dollars worth of bookings back to the direct channel. His ‘Boostly Academy’ is delivering on, and far exceeding, the expectations of its members.

Mark’s unique, down to earth and relatable style of presenting himself to the masses is gaining more and more traction every day.

In this session you will learn:

  • What drives direct bookings
  • What to expect from a solid time investment in social media
  • How your website needs to look and what it needs to do
  • Case studies and real-world examples
  • Much, much more.

Mark is a focussed, driven person. He only gets involved in projects he is 100% committed to. We are thrilled to have him bring his passion and expertise to this headline presentation, and welcoming him to the #bookdirect Symposium family.