The #bookdirect Movement

Mark Simpson public speaker
image of Steve Kopandy
19 Feb 2020
Arion Hotel, Athens

The #bookdirect Movement

Join the Choir!

The #bookdirect movement is growing. It’s full of people who care about marketing to a direct audience, working together, engaging and seeing results.

An OTA won’t connect with you on social media. They won’t engage with your posts. They don’t want you to succeed with social media. But there ARE people out there who do. These people are hardworking, professional business owners and managers who are on the same path as you. The best way to find these dynamic people, benefit from them and give back to them, is to actively engage with the #bookdirect hashtag.

It’s better than group therapy, and way cheaper!

In this session we will cover:

  • Why attention is the new currency. Our customers travel far and wide, leaving footprints everywhere they go. Learn how to get a customer’s attention, and how to get your brand and personality into their valuable digital footprint
  • Mobilise and organise. The algorithms love it when there is a groundswell of support for a post. If we work together, we can massively boost our exposure. You’ll be shown examples and case studies where this is already working and be given some easy routines that can be adopted in merely a few minutes a day.
  • Quality vs Quantity. It’s not just the use of the #bookdirect hashtag which counts, it’s the spirit in which it is being used. As a rule, posts with positive sentiment get better engagement in public forums. Our audience is the consumer and we want to encourage and inspire them.
  • OTA use of the #bookdirect hashtag. Some smaller OTAs are using the #bookdirect hashtag and even going as far as saying that a booking with them is a direct booking. This can work in our favour as it gives us another chance to engage and educate our audience.
  • #bookdirectday. Bookdirect Day is an event growing in publicity. Look at how we are helping the campaign and boosting exposure with some of our quirky ideas. Learn how you can get on board next year!

There will be an interview with our headline speaker, Mark Simpson, about the best way to leverage social media for your business. Mark is one of the most active people on social media in the hospitality sector and is seeing amazing results.

Through attending the #bookdirect Symposium and engaging in this session, you will be helping to bring this community closer together, and help more and more people find our supportive crowd. This alone is something that we’ll all benefit from.