50 ways to Increase Direct Bookings

Mark Simpson public speaker
image of Steve Kopandy
19 Feb 2020
Arion Hotel, Athens

50 ways to Increase Direct Bookings

In this session we will be presenting 50 ideas to optimise for and increase direct bookings.

This is where Symposium gets practical. You will be barraged with proven tactics, checklists, workflows, and detail.

Some of the ideas you will hear will take merely seconds to execute.

Some of the ideas will inspire you to put together an action plan to deliver a project.

Some of the ideas will make you think a little deeper about how you define your products, audience, and marketing strategy: 

We will also be asking for audience participation to help add to this list. Put your thinking-caps on and help us grow from 50 items to 60, 70 or even hit triple figures!

This will be our most practical session. There’s no bombast or rhetoric. Expect checklists, to-do lists, action plans, and no-excuses homework.

NOTE: As different speakers are confirmed, details of the sessions may change.