About the Organiser

I’m Steve, a traveller, freelance marketer and creator of the #bookdirect Symposium.

Travel is a core part of my life.

I got a degree in business from my hometown university in Newcastle, Australia, but have called London home since my early 20s. I initially worked as a Revenue Analyst for media and publishing companies including Random House and the Associated Press. Having travelled widely during those years, it was soon after that I made my move into tourism. I had always been interested in territorial travel alliances and synergies, particularly in aviation. I read some books on airline revenue management, thinking this could be a good segue into tourism, but I didn’t connect with the intense maths. I like people more. 

I started the Cycle Cities network of city bike tour operators whilst working as the Business Manager at London Bicycle Tour Company, as a joint project with the owner, Rob Graham. Since its inception in 2011 we’ve grown to a thriving, but close-knit global partnership of over 40 bike tour operators. In 2015 I started to organise annual ‘Symposiums’ for Cycle Cities partner companies. So far we have hosted five symposiums in five different cities (Berlin, London, Nice, Budapest and Munich). These events have not only connected us as a stronger network but continue to indicate the drive there is for collaboration and innovation.

There is a growing need for small/medium travel businesses to find support, advice and partnerships that can help them navigate the evolving nature of the industry. The #bookdirect Symposium will help equip these businesses to best address these changes so that they can optimise their operations to ensure that they thrive.

I love to experience life, I’m never bored and I love making connections with people all over the world. I look forward to welcoming you to the #bookdirect Symposium in Athens in February, 2020.

Steve Kopandy