Bookdirect Map

What is it? 

There’s a new initiative from the accommodations sector aimed at increasing direct bookings; the Book Direct Map. The map shows tourists all over the world where they can make direct bookings in different types of accommodations. It launched in November 2019 and in its first week took on over 150 accommodation listings. Everything is laid out visually, so you can simply zoom in on a city or region and see what your options are for accommodations.

I approached the creator of the Book Direct Map, Mark Simpson (also our headline speaker at the #bookdirect Symposium in 2020) to have tour and activity companies also represented on this map. Not only has he agreed, he thinks it’s a great idea!

Why list on the Book Direct Map?

To increase direct bookings, I have always championed tour and activity companies getting more involved in accommodations sector campaigns. We should do this because:

  • It strengthens small business communities in the travel industry
  • It helps us learn better marketing techniques 
  • It helps us cross promote and reach new audiences
  • We can add value to their campaigns by increasing the types of offerings available

By listing on the Book Direct Map, you will be exposing your company to a global audience that is either thinking about travelling, or about to travel.

Earlybird Offer – Sign Up Now!

The first 100 people to join via the below link will get an Earlybird offer of just £GBP5.99 per month for the listing. People who join later will pay £19.99 per month, so join now! 

Use the below link to join:

Sign up now with the Earlybird offer!