Bookdirect Day

#Bookdirect Day

#bookdirect day is where we mobilise hotels, tours, activities and travel service providers to promote the hashtag and create awareness for the general public about the benefits of booking directly.

#Bookdirectday is Wednesday 5 Feb 2020.

We are encouraging companies to close out their sales on 5 Feb, so that the only way to book for that day, is to #bookdirect.

Why are we doing this? It’s about publicity. We want to see #bookdirectday get real traction in the public realm, and we want to give people more of a reason for people to take notice and understand the importance of the #bookdirect message.

Our Sponsor, Cycle Cities, has several operators who are only taking direct bookings for 5 Feb:
These operators are closed on 5 Feb, so they are doing 2 May instead!

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