There’s a new momentum happening in the travel and tourism industry, one that seeks to mobilise travel providers regardless of size or revenue; the “#bookdirect” movement.

Most businesses know they need to do more to promote the benefits of booking directly. That’s why the #bookdirect Symposium is an unmissable event. It is about bringing together small to medium travel providers who want to learn how to attract and convert more direct bookings.

The #bookdirect Symposium is not only about sales, it’s about creating a community of like-minded business owners and travel professionals who want to facilitate an innovative and supportive transformation to this vibrant industry.

The Symposium started in Berlin in 2015 as a small group of intrepid city bike tour operators (the cyclecities.tours network). Each year the Symposium has travelled to a different European city, and grown in size. The 2020 #bookdirect Symposium will be our first open event for the wider tour, activity, accommodation and transportation sectors. We aim to foster a growing community to increase the size, reach and impact of the #bookdirect movement.

The Symposium will feature professional presentations from guest speakers, as well as the opportunity to eat, drink and socialise with the friendliest bunch of tourism people in the business. To round it all off, we finish with a guided bike tour of Athens, led by our host partner Athens by Bike.


Join us in Athens from 18-20 February, 2020