19 Feb 2020
Athens, Greece

A conference and networking event for small/medium businesses in travel and tourism, who want better control over their customer sales channels

The three day schedule (18-20 Feb) includes a partner dinner, the Symposium, networking events and a bike tour of Athens.
Day 1
18 Feb 2020
Day 2
19 Feb 2020
Day 3
20 Feb 2020

Partner Dinner

Big or Small?

Two behemoths now control most of the third party brands that consumers use to book their travel. Expedia owns Orbitz, Travelocity and Hotwire, whilst Booking Holdings owns booking.com, Priceline and...
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image of Steve Kopandy
Steve Kopandy

PRICE, Present and Future

The laws of economics are constant.  Understanding them is a necessity.  Having a sound pricing strategy is a given. You set your own price, right? Do you dial it up...
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Partnerships and Loyalty

Loyalty programs are big business, and the trend is growing. We case study the Hilton Honours program. It has 94 million members and has doubled in size in the last...
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The #bookdirect Movement

Join the Choir! the #bookdirect movement is growing. It’s full of people who care about marketing to a direct audience, working together, engaging and seeing results. An OTA won’t connect...
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50 ways to Increase Direct Bookings

In this session we will be presenting 50 ideas to optimise for and increase direct bookings. This is where Symposium gets practical. You will be barraged with proven tactics, checklists,...
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Mark Simpson public speaker
Mark Simpson – Headline Presenter
image of Steve Kopandy
Steve Kopandy

#bookdirect Symposium Afterparty

A not to be missed socialising/networking after party for all Symposium attendees. We are going out for a drink and chance to chat and relax amongst good company.  Don’t miss...
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Athens Bike Tours

All #bookdirect Symposium attendees are invited to join us for an Athens Morning Bike Tour or Athens Riviera Bike Tour provided by our hosts, Athens by Bike. These tours are...
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Arion Hotel, Athens


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